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We provide solutions for all your Chapter 8 Highways, Emergency vehicle graphics needs.
We will help to brand or protect your fleet with Vehicle Vinyl Wraps.
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GRS is a company with a conscious, we keep looking for new ways to drive our business in an environmental friendly way, we audit our Co2 emissions and aim to be Co2 neutral by 2023, we recycle all the recyclable materials
Good design is one of the key factors to creating a memorable brand image for your fleet. Our graphic studio can help with retouching, amending artwork, visualization, and proofing.
We can incorporate all types of effects and finishes into your design including photos, fades and gradients. You can also choose from matte or gloss finishes.
We have templates for thousands of vehicles so in most of the cases we can show you a mock-up of your vehicle via email without the need for you to bring it to us, saving you time and money.
Once you are happy with the design of your sign writing you sign the final proof, we produce them on-site and book a date for fitting. GRS Fleet Graphics & Vehicle Branding applicators are strategically placed throughout the United Kingdom, we work closely with your vehicle suppliers, fleet managers and marketing departments to ensure a coordinated trouble free installation of Vehicle Wraps, Fleet Graphics, Truck and Emergency Vehicle Graphics.
What are your production capabilities
At GRS we have the production capability to supply large format fleet vehicle graphics, printing across several platforms, printing up to 1.6m x any length and on to most guaranteed substrates.
How do I remove vehicle graphics?
We are happy to assist you with the removal of you vinyl graphics. In many cases you should be able to remove your own vehicle graphics without damaging the paintwork by using a hair dryer to loosen the adhesive. Depending how long the graphics have been on the vehicle, you may see a small glue residue on the paintwork which can be removed easily. In the case of full vehicle wraps, it is advisable to get a professional to remove the graphics.
How long do vehicle graphics last?
Professionally applied vehicle graphics should last for years if they are cared for. We advise that you do not wash your vehicle for a week after vehicle graphics are applied. Jet washing the graphics can substantially reduce the life span. We use varying grades of vinyl to fit within your requirements.
What's the difference between vehicle graphics, vehicle livery and vehicle wrapping?
Vehicle graphics and vehicle livery are the general terms used to describe the application of vinyl graphics to any type of vehicle from cars and vans right through to lorries or motorcycles. We have also applied graphics to buses, boats and planes. The graphics can be as simple as text lettering or can include photographs, company logos and tonal fades. Reflective hi vis graphics can be applied for emergency services and highways agencies in accordance with chapter 8 highways maintenance legislation.
What is a Vehicle/Promotional Vinyl Wrap?
A Vehicle / Promotional Vinyl Wrap is any vehicle fully covered with vehicle graphic material. This can be done with full color printed vinyl graphics, die-cut colored vinyl, or a combination of both.
What kind of vehicles can have a Vinyl Wrap?
Livery can be applied to Trucks, Cars, Vans or any Commercial Vehicle Graphics, so all makes and models of vehicles can be wrapped! Vehicles with fewer curves are easier, and larger vehicles have more area for your GRS vehicle sign.
How long do GRS Vehicle Vinyl Wraps last?
At GRS Fleet Graphics you have a choice based on the desired duration of the graphics application. We guarantee our fitting standards for up to 5 years. We only use premium materials from leading manufacturers, specific for Vehicle Application.
What happens when the vehicle vinyl graphics are removed?
In both application and removal of Fleet Vehicle Vinyl Wraps and vehicle graphics, the key is working with an experienced installer such as GRS Fleet Graphics. We rarely experience any problems with paint removal, especially with newer vehicles. If your vehicle is in good condition and has no prior repainting or touch-up painting GRS does not foresee any problems when the vehicle graphics and fleet graphics are removed. Older or repainted vehicles may exhibit some damage to the paint upon removal of the graphics. It is still important to realise that paint issues upon removal from wrapped passenger vehicles, SUV’s and other fleet graphics applications are not covered by warranty.
What is the cost of branding my vehicle?
Costing really depends on the kind of the kind of finishing you are looking for. Simple liveries, partial wrap or full wraps all demand different volumes of product and time to apply. Contact us to have more information about your project, ask the support of our designer. Ask us for a quote!
I have a simple logo but not a full design for my vehicles, can you help?
No problem, GRS handles the whole fleet graphics process from A to Z. You just need to share your basic logo and we can develop a full vehicle design for you. Contact us!
I have tens of vehicles in my fleet across the country to be branded in the next few days, can you help?
Absolutely, GRS has been the expert in fitting graphics on large fleet for more than 30 years. We have a full team of fitters across the country, allowing us to deliver very rapidly on large fleet nationwide simulatenously. Contact us to know more !
How long will my vehicle be stuck for?
It will depend on the type of graphics you want to apply (full / partial wraps or simple livery) but one thing is sure, your fleet will be immobilised for a very short period of time as our fitters come fitting at your facilities. So you don't have to bring and leave your vehicles with us.
I used another fleet graphic provider and the result is horrendous, can you help?
Of course ! GRS is manic about quality ! We have been active for 30 years and our reputation is of the essence. Please contact us and we can assess how we can refit your vehicles
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